Objectives & Activities

ETAF closely observes and evaluates all EU initiatives in tax and professional matters. Our main topics are, among others, the internal market strategy, the tax transparency package, the Anti-BEPS Directive, the initiatives to relaunch the common consolidated corporate tax base (CCCTB), VAT matters and data protection issues. At the given time, ETAF is contributing to a balanced legislation in these areas by introducing quality opinions into the highly complex decision-making process. Therefore, ETAF is pursuing the following key objectives:

  • Providing tax expertise to EU decision makers
  • Promoting good legislation in tax matters
  • Enhancing quality and expertise of tax professionals throughout Europe
  • Contributing to fight tax abuse and illegal acts
  • Pursuing sustainable professional regulations
  • Enhancing certainty and transparency
  • Defending the independence and confidentiality of the profession
  • Supporting businesses in an internationalised environment


In order to achieve these objectives, ETAF carries out the following activities:

  • Liaising closely with EU policy makers
  • Participating in relevant consultations, meetings and hearings
  • Fostering dialogue between the EU and stakeholders
  • Coming up actively with new proposals and ideas
  • Exchanging views with other stakeholders
  • Bringing together the key players